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Joke´s Blog

Hi, nice to meet you here! Let me introduce myself…

joke.jpgMy name is Joke and normally I live in Belgium, in the small town of Oudenaarde. My house is situated in the Flemish part, which means my mother tongue is Dutch. During my studies ‘Educational Sciences’ I heard a lot of stories about internships and Erasmus in other countries. I was especially interested in the way students learned from new experiences and other cultural habits. 

One day I got a message from university, giving me information about projects abroad. That has been the moment the process for my own adventure in Finland began. I decided that voluntary work abroad would be a once-in-a-lifetime-experience. Eventually it was EVS (European Voluntary Service), now called ‘European Solidarity Corps’, which gave me the chance to volunteer for a project in Finland.

So here I am, working as a volunteer at the youth service of Kuopio!

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Why did I choose for Finland as my host country?

The first weeks in Kuopio

My experiences as a volunteer

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