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The first weeks in Kuopio

 Hi, here I am again!

I’m living in Finland for more than two months now. In this post I want to share the experiences of my travel to Finland and my first weeks of living in Kuopio.j2.jpg

The travel to Kuopio

The nerves started when I had to make my luggage ready for travel. I was allowed to take one big suitcase of 23 kg and one small suitcase of 12 kg. It might seem a lot of kg but believe me that it was a difficult job to fit in everything. After a process of putting things in - unload again - trying to reorganise – eventually leaving some things at home, I finally got my luggage ready.         

My parents drove me to the airport in Brussels for my flight at 06.00 am. Saying goodbye was a strange thing to do because I never did it before. You don’t realise you’re not only saying goodbye to all the people you know. You’re also saying goodbye to all the familiar places, to your home, to your cultural habits, to the food you are used to eat and even to your language.

Within the first week you become aware that you have to rebuild your life. This can seem very frightening, but I knew that it would give me new opportunities instead. You learn, you broaden your perspective to the world and you find new pieces of yourself as a person. While entering my apartment for the first time I already bumped into some typical Finnish habits: I had to take my shoes of, I found out how you can make your door stay unlocked, I couldn’t use a sponge to do the dishes, I had to dry the dishes inside a cupboard and I didn’t understand anything about sorting the garbage…j21.jpg

The first weeks in kuopio

The first week in Kuopio I lived in a rush. Everything was new and I had a lot of meetings to try out some projects/activities. I had the opportunity to get to know Latari youth house, youth house Rytö, the project Hanaa from Tatu ry, the projects at Po1nt and the activities at Tyttöjen Talo.

The second week I started to get a sort of rhythm in my daily life. I got to know the bus hours, the hours of the market places and I could orientate myself in the city. I started to feel at home for the first time and I liked that feeling. Furthermore I started Finnish language courses. For me the Finnish language seems difficult, but I am determined to give it a go! I hope to speak some Finnish at the end of my EVS-term J

The third week I found the time to think about what projects I wanted to continue. Eventually I decided toj3.jpg continue them all, because every place gives me the opportunity to learn. In the next blog post I will tell more about what I exactly learned in the projects and what the differences are between the youth work in Belgium and working with youth in Finland.


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